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About Classes

You will be creating amazing images.

We offer a variety of courses with private classes in Photography, Studio Lighting and Photoshop.

The classes are 1.5hours long and the price is $80 per class.

We offer single classes and packages from 2 to 12 classes. 

We offer modules where the student can learn at his own pace.

Students can take 1 class per week or more.

We offer class 7 days a week. On weekends after 2pm.

We have 2 payment options for the classes.

You can chose the Payment Plan where you pay one class per week or

you can Pay in Full with a discount.

This options will appear on the payment page.

The instructor has over 25 years of experience and you can rest assured

that you will receive high quality teaching.

Our facility has a fully equipped photo studio and spacious classroom.

Click the COURSES tab below for the courses we offer.

Click on DETAILS for complete course info .

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